"When everything in art is done and nothing new can be created, the only thing left to do is to steal from others."

Second year graphic design students from Lahti institute of Design held an exhibition focused on copyright questions and the relationship between the artist and their piece.



My piece, Judy, was "killed" with a paint ball gun by graphic designer Nora Horn. 


Judy, was an ode to the grand old lady of vaginal art, Judy Chicago, and to the pussy itself. The work was a part of my Pretty Pussy series. In this series I want to explore and undramatize the vaginal form. The world is full of art and architecture that rise from the phallic erection. The vagina, on the other hand, is an amazing, but far too mystified and neglected organ and form. I am truly saddened by Judys

destruction, but it strenghtens my respect for creative work even more.

Photos: Juho Länsiharju


Video: Pauliina Kittilä & Nora Horn

Photo from Exhibition opening: Tuisku Lehto