OPEN – On Thai massage windows in Finland is a project about beauty and creativity.

The book is the result of a three year long collaboration between Johanna Bruun and Ida Enegren. Together we have interviewed ten women: Pikul, May, Khim, Mon, Riina, Lucky, Orasa, Nam, Sawanya and Noodaeng, who keep their own Thai massage parlour about the design of their window displays. The window designers live and work in three different Finnish cities: Helsinki, Turku or Lahti. The book consist of interviews and portraits of the window designers, pictures of the windows and an essay on the process behind the project.


The book won best publication of 2018 in the Vuoden Huiput design-competition (Grafia), was selected as one of the most beautiful books of 2018 by the Finnish Book Art Committee and was nominated for the prize "Most beautiful Photo art book of the year" by The Finnish Museum of Photography and Valokuvataiteilijoiden liitto. 


Title OPEN – On Thai massage windows in Finland
Graphic design: Johanna Bruun
Photography: Ida Enegren
Language: English and Thai
Printing: Petro ofsetas, Lithuania
Paper: Arctic volume white, Scandia 2000 white
Published by: Bruun & Enegren 2018
size: 18,5 x 30 cm
255 pages
Edition of 300
ISBN 978-952-94-0287-8