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 I designed a playful and versatile design system for Taiteen talo in Turku. This work was made in collaboration with studio Å Communications.
Art in progress

The identity is bult up by three shapes that are derived from the architecture of the Taiteen talo building – the old Rettig tobacco factory.


In the beginning of the design process, we included the artists and creatives working at Taiteen talo in a logo work shop. We brought ink, paper and brushes they brought the skills, the ideas – the play!


The workshop as approach is perfectly in the line with the slogan of Taiteen talo: Art in progress. Taiteen talo is not a museum nor a gallery, it’s a place where creative work happens. 


The visual material we gathered from the workshop was then used in the design of a modular and open logo system. In The Taiteen talo logo two letters "A" and "O" change repeatedly while the rest stay put.


This system constitutes a new way of looking at the logo as a communicational element. The Taiteen talo logo is active, it’s alive, and have an ever-changing personality. A design system that resonates perfectly with the spirit of Taiteen talo.

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