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Text are images and images are text


Besides working with visual art and communication I have a vast experience of writing professionally. For almost ten years I worked as a journalist writing all types of journalistic text as well as art criticism. My specialty is interviews where I get to dig deep into another person’s life and character. In addition to my experience of journalistic writing I have written a Master's Thesis in art history about art forgery.


Moving fluently between written and visual content makes me a great communicator. It also means that I can bring more than just good-looking visuals to the table. I often come up with slogans as well as whole concepts for a project, in video projects I enjoy writing manuscripts and in social media I write professional captions optimised for different target groups. 

My main language is Swedish but I have worked with text both in Finnish and in English. 

Examples of some slogans
and concepts

Pieni teko suuri vaikutus – The main slogan for the national Covid-19 campaign by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)


#Kuka on THL? – Concept for video series about the employees and research at Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)


Kokemus on kuudes aisti  – Slogan and concept  for Turku Design Festival 2016


Åbo Akademi Science Bites –  Concept for a video series about the research and researchers at Åbo Akademi University. 

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